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Zero Points Scallops with Lemon Peas

Weight Watchers Recipe

Weight Watchers Seared Scallops with Lemon Peas

Zero Points Scallops with Lemon Peas

Serves 2

12 large sea scallops

1 cup shelled peas

1 shallot, minced

1 lemon, juice and zest

Chives, garnish for peas

Olive-oil cooking spray

Shell one cup of peas and set aside.  Mince one shallot. Place scallops on paper towel and pat dry on both sides.  Spray a large pan with olive oil cooking spray.  Heat to medium high heat.  Sprinkle scallops on both sides with salt and pepper.  Cook scallops 2-3 minutes on each side or until desired doneness. Set scallops aside.

Spray a small skillet with olive oil cooking spray and heat to medium.  Saute the shallot for 2 minutes.  Add the peas and cook for another 2-3 minutes.  Remove the peas from heat and add juice from one lemon and 1 tsp lemon zest.

Place 6 scallops on each plate with half of the lemon peas.  Garnish the peas with chives and finish each plate with a slice of lemon.  Enjoy your elegant zero points dinner!






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