Zero Points Eggplant Bean Dip

Weight Watchers Recipe

Zero Points Weight Watchers Eggplant Dip

Zero Points Eggplant Bean Dip

1 large eggplant, sliced in half

1 15 ounce can cannellini beans, drained

1 whole garlic head

Juice from one half lemon

2 TSBP parsley

Fresh chives

Salt & pepper

Olive oil cooking spray

zeropointseggplantdipprepPreheat oven to 400 degrees.  Cut eggplant in half lengthwise.  Place on a baking sheet and spray with olive oil cooking spray.  Season with salt and pepper.

Next, peel most of the paper-like outer layers from the garlic and cut about 1/4 inch off the top of the garlic head leaving all of the cloves in tact.  Spray the garlic well with olive oil cooking spray.  Wrap the garlic with foil and place on baking sheet next to the eggplant.

Roast the eggplant and the garlic for about 30-35 minutes until the eggplant is golden brown (should look like the photo above).  Allow eggplant and garlic cool.

In a food processor combine the cannellini beans, juice from half of a lemon, parsley, the cooled eggplant and as many of the roasted garlic cloves as you would like.  I used three as I like the roasted garlic flavor.  Squeeze the bottom of each garlic clove to push it out of its paper.  Save the rest of the garlic cloves for another use.

Pulse the mixture until it is the desired consistency.  Top with chopped scallions and serve with vegetable slices.  It is great with cucumbers and carrots.  This dip is so amazing and since eggplant and beans are zero points you can have as much as you want for absolutely no points!  Cheers and Enjoy!

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